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 +[{{ :​NWH:​VehiclePhysics2:​Powertrain:​pasted:​20200314-120604.png|WheelComponent inspector. }}]
 +  * ''​WheelComponent''​ is a ''​PowertrainComponent''​. It acts as a torque sink and can not output to another ''​PowertrainComponent''​
 +  * ''​WheelComponent''​ should not be mixed up with ''​WheelController''​ which is a replacement for Unity'​s ''​WheelCollider''​.
 +  * ''​Belongs To''​ field determines to which [[NWH:​VehiclePhysics2:​Powertrain:​Wheel:​WheelGroup|WheelGroup]] the ''​WheelComponent''​ belongs to. This will determines values such as braking and steering coefficients and geometry.
 +  * ''​Inertia''​ field gets auto-calculated from assigned ''​WheelController'''​s mass and radius.