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Import Guide

NWH Vehicle Physics 2 aims to automate import process as much as possible but some actions can not be performed from scripting and so these have to be done manually.

  • If the build target is Windows / x86 make sure to change it to Windows / x86_64 or Unity InputSystem will not work. This can be done under File ⇒ Build Settings. InputSystem is required for demo scenes.
Build Settings.
  • If the InputSystem package is not already installed a message like the one below will pop up. Click Install/Upgrade.
Package Manager dependencies warning.
  • Another message will pop up after InputSystem package is done installing. Click No. Afterwards, go to project settings and change Project Settings ⇒ Player ⇒ Active Input Handling to Both. This way both Unity InputSystem and the old Unity InputManager will work (NVP2 supports both).
Active Input Handling option.
  • Ignore any mesh or tree related messages that pop up in the console. These are only import related and will not show up again.
  • Open the demo scene to test the import. Demo scene can be found under NWH Vehicle Physics 2 ⇒ _Demo ⇒ _Scenes ⇒ _Racetrack. The scene should work out of the box. If it does not or if you encountered any issues during import please contact the developer.
  • To make the demo scene look better switch the color space of the project to Linear under Project Settings ⇒ Player ⇒ Color Space.

Assembly Definitions

This asset uses Assembly Definition (.asmdef) files.

  • If the project already uses assembly definitions accessing a script that belongs to this asset can be done by adding an assembly reference to the assembly definition of the script that needs asset. E.g. to access VehicleController adding a NWH.VehiclePhysics2.VehicleController reference to MyProject.asmdefis required.
  • If the project does not use assembly definitions simply remove all the .asmdef files from the asset after import.