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NWH Vehicle Physics 2 by default comes with standard render pipeline materials. This guide will help you upgrade the demo scene (and the asset) to HDRP. If this is the first time upgrading a project to HDRP, please check out the official guide first as it has some good tips on the migration process:

To let the scripts know HDRP is used:

  • Add NWH_HDRP to Project Settings > Player > Scripting Define Symbols.

Next, upgrade the auto-upgradeable materials:

  • Open the NWH folder and click on Search By Type > Materials (small icon next to the search field). Next, click on NWH tag to search just inside the NWH folder. This will only select the materials inside the asset. If you want to upgrade the whole project, skip this step.
Material selection.
  • Open Window > Render Pipeline > HD Render Pipeline Wizard. If there are any warnings or errors, press the Fix button next to them.
  • Select Update Selected Materials to High Definition Materials. This will upgrade all the selected non-HDRP materials to HDRP ones, except for the particle materials. To upgrade the whole project, use the Upgrade Project … button.

After the automatic upgrade the scene will look normal, but the particles will still be pink. To fix this, follow the next section.

Finally, the particle materials have to be upgraded:

  • Open the Package manager window (Window > Package Manager).
  • Find the High Definition RP package.
  • In the package info for High Definition RP, go to the Samples section and import the Particle System Shader Samples into the project.
  • Go to NWH > Vehicle Physics 2 > Optional Packages > HDRP > HDRP_Materials.unityasset and double click on the file. This will replace the existing particle materials with the HDRP-compatible ones.

The asset is now upgraded to HDRP.


Work in progress.