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Upgrade Notes

Upgrade Notes

Upgrade notes between different version of NWH Vehicle Physics 2. Version of currently installed package can be found under Package Manager.

v1.2 to v1.3

  • None. If upgrading from older versions check the notes below.

v1.1 to v1.2

  • Delete Scripts folder before upgrading. Some scripts have changed namespace and Unity will import them twice if the old version is not deleted first.
  • InputProviders have been split to SceneInputProvider and VehicleInputProvider where SceneInputProvider handles scene-related input (camera controls, vehicle switching, character movement, etc.) and VehicleInputProvider handles only vehicle-related input (steering, throttle, brakes, etc.). To upgrade besides VehicleInputProvider make sure to have SceneInputProvider present as well (InputManagerSceneInputProvider, InputSystemSceneInputProvider or MobileSceneInputProvider - depending on which input is used).
  • Some of the scripts have been moved to NWH/Common directory. These are the scripts that are shared between multiple NWH Coding assets (VehicleChanger, CameraChanger, RigidbodyFPSController, etc.).

v1.0 to v1.1

v1.1 was an input focused update and most of the actions needed to upgrade from v1.0 are input-related.

  • It is recommended to delete Scripts > Vehicle > Input folder before upgrading. Some scripts and files have been renamed and might result in duplicate imports upon upgrade.
  • v1.1 requires InputSystem package to be installed. This does not mean that it has to be used - just needs to be present in the project. InputSystem should get automatically installed when updating the asset. If this does not happen, install it through Package Manager.
  • If using InputManager (old/classic Unity Input) some of the input mappings will need to be changed. List of new bindings is available here. Updated guide on setting up Input Manager can be found here.
    • Horizontal axis was renamed to Steering.
    • Vertical axis was split to Throttle and Brakes.
    • CameraRotation, CameraPanning, CameraRotationModifier, CameraPanningModifier, CameraZoom, FPSMovement and ToggleGUI bindings need to be added for demo scene to function properly.
  • Despite removing Vertical axis from the bindings it is still available under vehicleController.input.Vertical for easier integration with AI and similar systems.

NWH Vehicle Physics 1 to NWH Vehicle Physics 2

  • Before upgrading to NWH Vehicle Physics 2 please remove any previous versions of NWH Vehicle Physics and Wheel Controller 3D from the project.
  • NWH Vehicle Physics 2 is significantly different from NWH Vehicle Physics 1 and a manual upgrade of the existing vehicles is required.
  • Check out Vehicle Setup Wizard script - it speeds things up a lot.