Skidmark Manager

SkidmarkManager inspector.

Skidmarks are generated when wheel skids / slips over a surface.

  • Skidmarks are achieved by procedurally generating a mesh. One mark consists of two triangles and the number of triangles per one section can be calculated as Max Marks Per Section * 2.
  • Min Distance is the distance a wheel needs to travel before a new mark is created.
  • Default behavior is to delete the oldest triangles as soon as number of marks reaches Max Marks Per Section - similar to the old snake game. To make this transition smooth Fade Over Distance can be enabled or Peristent Skidmarks can be used. Check the section below for more info.
  • If skidmarks are not visible or clip into the terain GrounOffset needs to be increased.
  • To define when the wheel is slipping Longitudinal Slip Threshold and Lateral Slip Threshold from vehicle settings tab are used.
Surface-based Skidmarks
  • Skidmarks use settings of currently active SurfacePreset to get the settings for the current surface type.
Skidmark section of AsphaltTireFrictionPreset.
Persistent Skidmarks
Persistent skidmarks enabled.
  • Persistent skidmarks get stored into sections of Max Marks Per Section size.
  • Sections do not get destroyed as longs as the the player is under Peristent Skidmark Destroy Distance.
  • Downside to this approach is that over time this will cause the number of triangles in the view-port to increase.