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Desktop Input Provider

  • Type of Input Provider for handling user input on desktop devices through keyboard and mouse or gamepad.
  • Uses classic/old Unity Input Manager. It is recommended to use the InputSystemProvider instead which uses new Unity Input System - Input System Provider page.

Since v1.1 InputSystem package is required even if not used. If using the old/classic Unity input set Project Settings ⇒ Player ⇒ Input Handling to Both and proceed as normal. InputSystem package being present installed will not interfere with old/classic Unity input / InputManager.


When first importing NWH Vehicle Physics 2 the project will be missing required bindings. There are two ways to add those:

  1. Manually adding each entry to the Project Settings ⇒ Input following the input bindings table available here.
  2. Copying the contents of InputBindings.txt and appending them to the contents of the [UnityProjectPath]/ProjectSettings/InputManager.asset file. To do so:
    • Close Unity.
    • Open InputManager.asset in Notepad/Notepad++/Visual Studio or any other text editor of your choice.
    • Copy the contents of the provided InputBindings.txt file (Scripts ⇒ Vehicle ⇒ Control ⇒ Input ⇒ InputProviders ⇒ ClassicUnityInput ⇒ InputBindings.txt) and paste them at the end of the InputManager.asset. Make sure there are no empty lines between the existing content and the pasted content. Save the file.
    • Open Unity. Check Project Settings ⇒ Input. The input bindings for NWH Vehicle Physics will appear towards the bottom of the list.