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Input System Provider

Default InputActions.
  • Since v1.1 NWH Vehicle Physics 2 has moved to InputSystem as a default input method.
  • InputSystem v1.0 or higher is required. This is available in Unity 2019.3 or newer.

When using DS4Windows, InputSystem will detect button presses twice.


  • Install 'Input System' package through Window ⇒ Package Manager
  • Under Edit ⇒ Project Settings ⇒ Player ⇒ Other Settings ⇒ Active Input Handling select Input System Package (New) or Both - the latter in case your project still uses UnityEngine.Input somewhere.
  • Add InputSystemProvider to any object in your scene. It is best to remove DesktopInputManager if it is present in the scene.
  • InputSystem is now ready to go.
  • Default bindings can be modified by double clicking on VehicleInputActions file. The file is located in Scripts/Vehicle/Control/Input/InputProviders/InputSystemProvider. Save Asset must be clicked for the changes to take effect.