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 +[{{ :​NWH:​VehiclePhysics2:​Powertrain:​pasted:​20200214-231615.png|DifferentialComponent inspector. }}]
 +''​DifferentialComponent''​ is a type of ''​PowertrainComponent''​ that splits input torque between two or more outputs.\\ There can be multiple ''​DifferentialComponents''​ present on one vehicle and one differential can output to other differentials which is useful for 4WD setup with center differential.
 +==== Differential Types ====
 +== Open ==
 +Torque in open differential is equally split between the left output and right output.
 +== Locked ==
 +Locked differential keeps both outputs rotating at same angular velocity. ​
 +== Viscous LSD ==
 +A type of limited slip differential (LSD). Torque is split based on difference in speed between the two outputs.
 +== Clutch LSD ==
 +Also known as cone-type or plate limited slip differential (LSD). Torque is split based on speed difference between the two inputs and the input torque. ​