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 +[{{ :​NWH:​VehiclePhysics2:​Powertrain:​pasted:​20200214-230637.png|ForcedInduction inspector. }}]
 +  * ''​ForcedInduction''​ is a part of ''​EngineComponent''​. It can be used for both turbocharging and supercharging the vehicle. ​
 +  * ''​Power Gain Multiplier''​ adds power on top of the existing ''​Max Power''​ so the vehicle with 100kW and ''​Power Gain Multiplier''​ of 1.5 will actually produce 150kW.
 +  * Boost value affects sound components ''​TurboWhistleComponent''​ and ''​TurboFlutterComponent''​. If forced induction is to be used just for the sound effects ''​Power Gain Multiplier''​ should be set to 1.