Powertrain Component

PowertrainComponent is a base class for all powertrain components: EngineComponent, ClutchComponent, TransmissionComponent, etc.

  • All the PowertrainComponents have the following common fields in the inspector:
    • Name - name of the component. Changing the Nameof a component will reset Outputon any components that are using that component.
    • Inertia - inertia of the component. Inertia of each component contributes to the total system inertia. How much depends on the clutch engagement and current gear ratio.
    • Output - Powertrain Componentto which the torque is forwarded. In cases such as Differential Componentthere can be multiple outputs (e.g. left and right wheel).
Common PowertrainComponent fields.
  • Changing the name field on component will reset all the Outputs on other PowertrainComponents that use that component as an output.
  • Increasing Inertia will will make the component spin up slower if the same torque is applied.
  • Inertia of WheelComponent is calculated from WheelControllers mass and radius settings.

Inertia must always be larger than 0!