Transmission Gearing Profile

TransmissionGearingProfile is a ScriptableObject that determines the gear ratios for the TransmissionComponent.

  • Forward Gears list contains all forward gear ratios in order from 1st gear up. In the example above:
    • 1st gear = 3.25 ratio
    • 2nd gear = 2.23 ratio
    • 3rd gear = 1.66 ratio
  • Reverse Gears list contains all reverse gear ratios. Multiple reverse gears can be added, e.g.
    • 1st reverse gear = -3.79 ratio
    • 2nd reverse gear = -2.61 ratio
  • Final Gear Ratio is the coefficient by which all the gears are multiplied. This is very similar to differential gear ratio and can be used to tune the gearing without having to adjust the gearing between individual ratios.