Setup guide for NWH Vehicle Physics 2 multiplayer using Mirror framework.

Before starting make sure that your vehicle and scene are already set up for single-player. If not, check the Quick Start guide.

Setting up the scene

  • Create a new GameObject called 'NetworkMananger'.
  • Add the following components to the created object:
    • NetworkManager
    • NetworkManagerHUD
    • TelepathyTransport (or other transport if you are not using Telepathy). In newer versions of Mirror KcpTransport is the default.
  • Your object should look like this:

Setting up the vehicle

  • Double click on Mirror.unitypackage (NWH\Vehicle Physics 2\OptionalPackages\Multiplayer) to import the required assets.
  • Add MirrorMultiplayerVehicle component to the vehicle. This will also add necessary Mirror components automatically.
  • Make sure that NetworkTransform's Client Authority field is ticked.
  • Set Network Sync Interval to 0.05 (20Hz). Default value is 0.1 (10Hz) and is too low for physics objects and will result in stuttering.
  • Set Compress Rotation to None.
  • If you want to futher reduce stutter reduce all three Sensitivity field values.
  • Save the vehicle as a prefab and assign it to NetworkManager's Player Prefab field.
  • Your vehicle configuration should now look like this: