Steering inspector.

If the vehicle is not steering also check WheelGroup settings. It is most likely that all WheelGroups have SteerCoefficient set to 0 which means no axles will steer.

  • Maximum Steer Angle - angle in [deg] that the wheels can achieve. Multiplied by the WheelGroup SteerCoefficient to get the final axle steer angle.
  • Use Direct Input - if ticked the raw input is fetched from the InputProviders and not processed in any way (smoothing, etc.).
  • Speed Sensitive Steering Curve - determines the steer angle coefficient in relation to speed. Useful for limiting steering at higher speeds to prevent spinning out.
    • X: Normalized speed (0 to 1) representing 0 to 50 m/s.
    • Y: Steer angle coefficient by which the Maximum Steer Angle is multiplied to get the final steer angle.
  • Speed Sensitive Smoothing Curve - determines the smoothing applied to the steering input in relation to vehicle speed.
    • X: Normalized speed (0 to 1) representing 0 to 50 m/s.
    • Y: Smoothing, unitless. Generally in range of 0 to 0.5.
  • Linearity - maps the steering input value (X) to the new output value (Y). Useful for making steering less sensitive around center point.
  • Degrees Per Second Limit - an amount of degrees the steering can be turned in one second. Lower number for heavy machinery (e.g. 80), higher for sports car (e.g. 250).
  • Return To Center - steering will return to center once the input is released.